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The Process

Here's What to Expect Next

Thank you for choosing Bulldog Fence for your upcoming fence project! We would like to take this time to familiarize you with how the permit process works. Our staff has received your contract and we are in the process of putting together your permit package.

For Customers with an HOA

Please provide us with the following:

  • The address & name of your HOA for us to make an Insurance Certificate. HOA approval is homeowner responsibility. Please ensure HOA approval is for what you contracted to have installed.
  • A list of required documents that your specific HOA requires. We’ll then supply you with what you will need to obtain your HOA’s approval. HOA approval must be on the HOA letterhead.

Send the info you will need to provide your HOA with to permits@bulldogfencecompany.com. Please include your name & address.

We then send your permit app to the building department. Turnaround time in each building department varies (average 6-8 weeks). Delays can be due to HOA approval letters, warranty deeds, missing or incomplete surveys. Once we receive your permit back to our office, we’ll call you to coordinate a time for your installation.


Permits are submitted immediately upon receiving all required documents. Please return documents requested ASAP to avoid delays. Permit issuance can take up to 6-8 weeks. Upon receipt of your contract, we need to obtain engineering for your project.


Cities require at least 1 signed & sealed engineer drawing for all products other than chain link & wood. Documents requiring your signature will be sent to you to be returned back to us. In some instances, an original signature may be required (Notice of Commencements etc). Please return ASAP to avoid delays.

Utility Easements

If there are utility easements within the area of your fence, most cities require a min. of 6 easement approvals. This may be delayed due to county backlog (outside of Bulldog’s control). Receiving agreements back takes an average of 3-4 weeks.

Installation Day


Thank you for choosing Bulldog Fence for your upcoming fence project! Please follow these steps to ensure you’re all ready for your new Bulldog Fence.

We are required by law to call Sunshine 811 prior to installing your fence. This is not always a foolproof way of avoiding underground utilities. When your yard is marked by Sunshine 811, there is a 2’ margin of error on either side of marking. We do our best to hand dig and avoid potential damage, but breaks in lines can still occur.

We are not responsible for damaged utility lines, but we will alert customers if the line and damage is visible so you can arrange a repair. Sprinkler lines are not marked so we are not always aware of where they are located. Bulldog will promptly inform you if we are aware of damage.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our office at permits@bulldogfencecompany.com or give us a call at 561-278-1717.


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