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f you are in need of a privacy fence, our commercial chain-link fences are available with PDS slats or barbed wire for increased security. Bulldog Fence works with Master Halco®, the leader in chain-link security fences, to provide galvanized steel or coated fences available in a variety of colors designed to blend seamlessly into the environment. Ideal for securing property lines or providing privacy, chain link fences have come a long way in the last decade. Available in a variety of gauges and mesh sizes, Bulldog Fence can help you select the ideal chain link fence for your property’s needs.

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Master Halco is the industry leader in chain-link fencing solutions, having provided complete fencing solutions since 1961. Master Halco utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to produce the highest quality chain-link security fences available on the market today. Both their galvanized steel and Permafused®II Color Chain-Link fence products are ideal for commercial installations, offering the durability you’re looking for in your security fence.

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